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Our learning program is designed with the individual child’s development in mind. There is a balance of individual, small group and large group activities. Quiet listening, problem solving, music, movement and just plain play choices are provided. Children are offered a wide range of activities suited to their own abilities and interests. Our activities and lesson plans are designed to promote the joy of learning through first hand experience in a warm, accepting and stimulating environment.

Infant and Toddler Program

  • Pleasure in the mastery of self-care routines
  • Enjoyment in learning, playing, creating, cooperating and socializing
  • Opportunities to use words to understand and manage feelings
  • Growth and self-esteem
  • Intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth
  • A solid foundation for preschool

We offer infant care for babies from 6 weeks to approximately 12 months. At the appropriate time, infants will move to the young toddler room. This room will accommodate youngsters in transition; no longer infants, but too young for a formal preschool class. We feel this age delineation best serves the developmental stages of young children between birth and two years old.

Preschool and Preschool with Extended Day Programs

CPDS’s curriculum encourages independent and cooperative learning, mastery of self-care and the emotional development of each child. The low student/teacher ratio allows for individual attention and interaction. Every teacher has an experienced and caring teaching assistant to help meet each child’s individual needs.
CPDS’s Preschool Programs build upon each child's experience of a widening world to foster social, cognitive, motor, creative and personal skills. As a result, children are prepared to thrive socially and academically in elementary school.

Two Year-Old Program

  • Activities to promote fine and gross motor skills
  • Tactile investigation of the environment
  • Emphasis on music and movement
  • A classroom environment that stresses receptive and expressive language

Three Year-Old Program

  • Free play indoors.
  • Circle time with teacher emphasizing motor skills, music, storytime and group games.
  • Art center time, sensory exporation. Math manipulatives, dramatic play, science table toys, books and puzzles.
  • Outdoor play: sand, large muscle activities, slides and water play.
  • Food and cooking experiences.
  • Emphasis at this age is on emergent literacy and pre-reading skills.
  • No child is expected to be toilet trained by a certain age.

Four Year-Old Program

  • Free play with choices of centers: cooking, art, dramatic play, manipulative, books, music, blocks, tactile table, perceptual motor equipment, sand and water play all presented through use of exciting child-center themes.
  • Circle Time: Literature, dance and language skills, music and movement, group games, storytelling.
  • Emphasis on Kindergarten readiness.
  • No child is expected to be toilet trained by a certain age.

Kindergarten Enrichment Program

CPDS offers a p.m. non-accredited kindergarten enrichment program. This class is designed for children who have completed a pre-k class but do not make the age cut-off date for kindergarten students who attend an a.m. class and need extended day care. This program features themes in the fields of social studies, geography, paleontology, space science, astronomy, botany and physiology..all planned around exciting and fun “hands-on” activities that keep children involved and interested!

Before & After School Care

The cost for this program is one dialy rate. If you choose to use only Before Care or only After Care, the cost remains the same. Children may be dropped off starting at 7:00 am. Please check with us to see what time your child's bus arrives at CPDS. All children must be picked-up by closing time, which is 5:30 pm.

Sample Daily Schedule ( Times will vary depending on program )

Arrival Time: 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
Formal class begins at 9:00 a.m. Children place their individual nametag on the Job Chart. Each day, every child is allowed to pick a job that he or she would like to help with during the class. Special toys, papers, books and activities related to our current topic are typically made available to the students during Arrival Time. They may also choose to color, work on the computer, look at books, engage in imaginative play, build with blocks or any other suitable activity.
Free playtime is very important to a child’s social development and it gives the teacher the opportunity to help them learn the arts of sharing, conflict resolution, group dynamics, and making friends.

Circle Time: 15 – 25 minutes of daily opening exercises and lesson.
Opening exercises include singing our greeting song, saluting the flag, calendar, a weather report and our circle prayer. This is also a time for the children to share their thoughts and news. Our lesson for the day can take many forms including books, songs, movement activities, a game, visuals and discussion. During this time our activities for the day (related to the topic) are introduced and instructions given.

Activity Time: 20 – 40 minutes
Every day there is a minimum of two planned activities related to our topic. These can range from a craft project to a cooking activity to working on some type of small motor or readiness skill. The children are offered a choice of which activity they would like to do first, but are encouraged to try all of the planned activities. As they complete the planned activities, they move back into free choice activities while the other students are finishing up.

Story Time: 10- 15 minutes
We gather back on the rug for finger play and/or songs and hear a story or stories. Books are chosen usually to coincide with the topic or just because they are good children’s books! During this transition from activity time and as we are gathering for story time, the children prepare for snack by putting out napkins, cups, etc.

Snack Time: 5 – 10 minutes
After each child is seated and ready, we say our blessing and have a snack. The children clean-up after themselves when finished.

Outside Free Play: 10 – 30 minutes

Dismissal: Promptly at 11:30 for pre-school only. Half and full day students have lunch between 11:30 and 12 followed by free play and rest time.
One day each week, the students receive 30-minutes of “Makin Music” music and movement from our special instructor, Miss Vicky. Mrs. Simmons will be teaching Spanish classes for the four-year-old extended day children as well as all Kindergarten students.



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