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CPDS Handbook

Access full PDF of the Parent Handbook here

School files

Each child must have a completed file within the first week of school according to State of Pennsylvania licensing regulations. This includes:

  • Application Form for enrollment. This form includes general information about your child.
  • Emergency Contact / Parental Consent Form. No child may stay at school until this emergency card is fully completed and on file.
  • Medical Report Form and immunization record. This form is to be completed and signed by your child’s physician.

All school files are confidential. Information is released only with written parental permission.


The school should be notified if a child will be absent for any reason. A message may be left on the office phone at 610-268-2770.


A child should not come to school when ill and unable to benefit from the day. It is also important to prevent further infection. Some guidelines to consider when deciding whether to keep your child home include:

  • A child with a fever should stay home for 24 hours after the fever has subsided.
  • Typical symptoms of illness are sudden onset of rash or skin eruptions, yellow or greenish drainage from the nose (allergic discharge is clear and may persist), wet or hacking cough, vomiting or diarrhea, excessive or unusual tiredness, inexplicable change from a child’s normal “feeling good” level of energy or mood.
  • If a child seems too sick to participate in ordinary routines, check with your pediatrician before school attendance is resumed.

Communicable diseases and conditions, such as chicken pox, strep throat, conjunctivitis, lice, etc., should be reported to the school so that parents may be notified.
Any medication sent to school must be accompanied by a note from the physician. All medication must remain in the original container bearing the label showing prescription number, name of medication, date filled, physicaian’s and child’s names, and directions for dosage.

Your child’s teacher will report any accidents or changes in your child’s health. If an illness or emergency arises at school, we will contact you immediately and ask that you pick up your child promptly. Your child will stay with a staff member until your child is picked up.

In a serious emergency, we will call paramedics. Should emergency procedures be necessary, a staff member will remain with your child until you or a designated substitute arrive at school.

It is extremely important for your child’s safety to update the school as to any changes in you phone number, emergency numbers, and other pertinent information.

School Security

Only an authorized adult may pick up a child either regularly or in an emergency. The name of the person must be written on the “Emergency Contact / Parental Consent Form” or written authorization must be provided to the office.

All doors will be locked at all times except for the door that allows you access to the office. CPDS uses a keypad entry system and each family will be provided with their own personal entry number. Please do NOT share your number with anyone else as we do not want unknown persons entering the school. If you should forget your number, you may obtain a new copy from the director. All doors are equiped with panic bars so that we can exit easily in case of an emergency.

No child will be released without previous notification.

Communication between home and school

Working together to support your child’s development depends on clear and frequent communication. Please check your child’s cubby daily for any notes sent home by the teachers. Arrival and pick-up times are important moments for teachers to focus on the children. We ask that you refrain from using this time for conveying nonessential information.

At CPDS, we include the children appropriately in our conversations and try never to talk over their heads. If you would like the teacher to know about something that is going on at home, feel free to stop into the office or to ask the teacher to telephone.
Regular parent-teacher conferences are an integral part of the CPDS Preschool program. Conferences provide important opportunities for summing up and setting goals together. Please plan ahead so that you can be sure to attend.

School closings

NBC 10 School Closing Alert System In the event of severe weather conditions you can access updated closing information anytime by simply clicking on the NBC 10 School Closing logo.

Alternativly, you may turn to the "Morning News" on NBC10 (WCAU) or "Action News" on channel 6 (WPVI) for cancellations. You may call the school for an updated phone message after 6am. We will make every effort to open for extended daycare even when public schools are closed.

Please stay alert to weather conditions such as tornado watches and severe storm warnings. If such conditions occur during the school day, we will close and you will be expected to pick up your child as soon as possible.

Parking safety

Please hold your child’s hand in order to help them feel secure and ensure safety in the parking lot. Parents must bring their children into the classroom each day and must come into the classroom at pick-up time. Children may not play in the playground unsupervised.

Please drive slowly and safely, and observe the traffic pattern and no parking area in the parking lot.


Children’s clothing should be washable. In order to help your child master self-care tasks of dressing and toileting, clothes should be easy to put on and take off. Clothing suitable for outdoor play is needed each day and should be labeled with first and last names. Also, please provide a labeled bag with a complete change of clothing (including socks and underwear) to use in case of need. Please remember to update for growth and seasonal changes!

Nutrition policy

Children are provided daily with a nutritious snack, which is supplied by parents each month. Special dietary needs will be accommodated according to the instructions of the child’s parents or physician.

Celebrations and birthdays

Parents are welcome to send modest treats for snack time to celebrate your child’s birthday. Please discuss your plans with your child’s teacher well in advance, and feel free to ask for suggestions.

Toys from home

A child who is carrying and “protecting” ownership of his or her own toy is not available to use the classroom environment to its fullest. Therefore, toys should not be sent to school with preschool children, except for show and tell and transitional objects approved by the teacher. Violent toys, such as guns or other similar weapons, are not permitted.


Our rules concerning discipline promote the health, safety, and well-being of each child. Positive methods of discipline that encourage self-control, self-esteem, and cooperation are used. Our goal is to help each child find solutions to problems through words and/or positive actions that lead to good “inside” feelings. No child is ever humiliated or made to feel ashamed for making a mistake or forgetting to follow a rule.


CPDS welcomes children from all ethnic, racial, religious, or national backgrounds and diverse family structures. Children are admitted throughout the school year.

Healthy Snack and Drink

CPDS uses a co-operative snack procedure. We ask that once a month you bring in a nutritious snack and 100% fruit juice or milk to your child's class (no Hawaiian Punch or HI-C please). Usually, your child's teacher will let you know when snack/juice is needed or they may request that you make a donation at the beginning of each month. Check with the teacher to see if there are any restrictions due to foold allergies in your child's class.



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